Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Big First Grader!!!

Lily has officially started First Grade.  It is so hard to believe time has gone by so quickly.  It's only been four days but, "so far so good!"

The very first day of class, Jeremy and I went with her and as I was taking pictures of her at her desk  she looked up at me and said..."Ah Mom, Can't you see I have work here to be done!"  OMG, I took that as a pretty big clue that she was ready for us to get lost!  It was sooo sad and I have to admit I may have cried a tear or two on the ride home:)  She was ready...obviously more than I was.

Lily hasn't had any homework yet.  However, as you parents of school age children know, there is plenty of homework for us parents during the first week of school.  I wanted to share with you one of our assignments that I thought was such an amazing idea.  Her teacher asked us to write her (the teacher) a letter introducing our child to her.  I quote, "No one knows your child better than you do."  She encouraged us to give a brief biography, share special abilities, fears, strengths, weaknesses, as well as share our expectations of her as a teacher, our student, the school etc...

I found this assignment absolutely incredible.  I had so much fun writing about my daughter.  It really stirred me to think about who she truly was.  The teacher said the assignment would be "rewarding" and that is exactly what it was.

I have included the letter I wrote to her teacher in this blog.  I hope you enjoy learning about this pretty cool Big First Grader from her very proud Mommy's perspective.

Lily gets a big 1st Grade Hair Cut
Having a blast
Bye Bye long hair:(
Our big girl is growing up too quickly!
Still having "Bodega moments"(That's our dog that passed away) She fell asleep with his chew toy:(
First Day of School
Big 1st Grader
This is the "mom you can get lost now" look!

Letter to Lily's teacher


Dear Mrs. L,

     Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to our "Lily Girl!"  We appreciate this opportunity and value the fact that you have allowed us a voice.

     As you will soon find out, Lily has one of the biggest hearts of anyone we know.  She is compassionate and caring.  Lily's preschool teacher referred to her as "the heart" of their classroom.  Lily has a very tender heart and often wears that heart right on her sleeve.  They say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," and in our case that is an understatement.  I realized this when Lily and I were watching a touching movie together when she was around three years old.  I looked over and Lily had tears streaming down her cheeks.  I knew from that moment on she had inherited my sensitivity.

     This sensitivity is both, as you can imagine, a blessing as well as a curse at times.  It is not uncommon for Lily to get her feelings hurt easily.  Which will undoubtedly afford her ample learning experiences throughout her life time, especially at school.  She generally responds well to a quick hug and simple encouragement and tends to move on easily.  

     Lily is your typical first born to over eager, "type A"(me, not so much my husband) parents.  Yes, we were doing flash cards pretty much out of the gate and would have invested in "Your Baby Can Read" if only we could have afforded it.  We now have a seven month old son and it is hilarious to reflect and see how much we have "lightened up" with our second.  With this being said we still completely value the importance of reading to our children and have done so from the time they were both in utero.  Lily was reading by the time she was three and has become very proficient over the last year.  Our nightly routine consists of Lily choosing a book to read to her brother and then I spend time reading to the both of them.  This summer we read "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane", are currently working on "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" series and then plan to move on the "The Indian in the Cupboard."  

     In the last year of Lily's life she experienced a big transition from being the only child and "Queen of the Castle" for nearly six years to being a big sister for the first time.  Although she absolutely adores her brother Zion she did go through the expected jealous, where do I fit now, stage.  She is now accepting her new role quite well and is an amazing helper and one of her brothers favorite people in the whole world.

     Lily is bright and catches on quickly.  As a student in the classroom, from what I have been able to observe, she seems to stay on task the majority of the time.  However, I have also observed that when she is bored she tends to get distracted easily.  I think that Lily does best when placed in a group that is a bit more academically challenging.  Our hope is that she will "rise to the occasion" and meet these challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn.   Lily is methodical and detail oriented.  In some circles this may translate to SLOW!  Whether eating her meal, making her bed or working on her homework she generally needs a few reminders to speed up the process.  This may prove to be a challenge when trying to accomplish all that she needs to do during classroom time.  

     Lily has been recognized for her "leadership" characteristics and finds joy in helping others.  Lily tends to be responsible and well behaved in the classroom and saves her "spicy moments," as we like to call them, for home.  

      Although Lily plays soccer, our family joke is that she "shows up for the oranges at half-time."  Running is defiantly not Lily's favorite past time.  However, we recognize the value of being involved in team sports as well as the obvious health benefits it offers.   
     What Lily lacks athletically she makes up for with her artistic side.  Lily is an aspiring musician and has been in drum lessons since the age of five.  In fact if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will tell you she is going to be a "nurse by day and a rock star by night", along with a host of other various careers.  Lily loves to create.  She often spends her free time making crafts and drawing.  

     Lily is very social and tends to be friends with both boys and girls.  It would not be uncommon to find Lily on the playground playing Star Wars with a group of boys one day and Little House on the Prairie with a group of girls the next.  

     As far as expectations for this year it is our hope that Lily will continue to thrive academically and socially.  We hope that having her as a student brings you joy. I still have such fond memories of my first grade teacher, Mrs. Miller.  We hope that Lily is one of those students that offers you a sense of reward and fulfillment when you teach her.   Thank you ahead of time for investing in our child's future.  It is with the utmost respect and gratitude that we entrust our most precious Lily into your hands for what we know will prove to be an amazing year.

            DeAnna Nellist

Monday, May 10, 2010

"No Brainer!!!"

   The very day Jeremy got his shipment of 5000 new brochures for our old location, with our old address of course he signed the lease on the new home of Roseville Guitar Works!!  It was a very quick decision, however, was as the title of this blog states.... "A No Brainer" for sure.  The right time, price and space all came together quite perfectly.
     The month of March was basically a total blur!  We spent countless hours, painting, stripping wall paper, cleaning & redecorating.  As you will see from the pictures even Lily and Zi got in on the action.  The end result is a very cool new space full of endless potential.
     Roseville Guitar Works is now located at 315 Main St. in Old Roseville.  It is the coolest old two story house that has been converted for commercial use. We have gained 1000 more square feet and an additional lesson room. The lesson rooms are huge and our instructors & students seem very happy with them. There is a front porch for the customers and guys to enjoy. One of Lily's highlights to her week is going to visit Daddy and getting to sweep the porch.  Our waiting room has a beautiful new 42" flat screen TV.  Jeremy is excited to host guys nights to watch UFC.  I am thinking it will be a perfect place to have a girls night once in a while as well.  Jeremy has also gained a much larger shop space to accommodate him and his new apprentice!  Yes, you read that apprentice!  Michael Karriker is a graduate from Roberto Venn and has come to learn the luthier trade from Jeremy.  He is such a cool guy and Jeremy is very impressed with him so far. We truly believe God allowed our paths to cross at just the right time.
     It is so very cool to see how God has grown Jeremy's reputation in our community.  We are in first place once again for the KCRA A-List "Best of Sacramento" competition for local businesses. I absolutely love watching him interact with his customers. He is so gifted at what he does and his repair customers, student and parents seem to really appreciate him as well. The shop already had such a neighborhood, family feel and the new location fosters that amazingly.
     So as if we hadn't gotten enough gray hair already...we are going for Roseville Guitar Works Round Two!!!  God has been so faithful and it is amazing to look back over the last 4 years and realize how far He has brought us.  Enjoy the pics and thanks for all your love, prayer and support.  We couldn't do it without you!
I just love painting trim....not!!!!
This will be the only pic you will see of me due to the fact I looked like &*!% the entire time!!

20 trips to Home Depot later...

There weren't a lot of home cooked meals in the month of March!

Zion spent a lot of time hanging out while we got stuff done!

The master painter!

Jeremy's Dad was always there to lend a hand.

Creed our painter and comedy relief!  
Lily helping Daddy paint the walls!



The finished result!!!  So much better!

The shop area, literally one hour before opening!  
We actually were able to get it presentable!!  "A Christmas miracle" for sure!!

Jeremy and Michael setting up the book display

Thank God he didn't break anything in the process!

315 Main St.  The new home of Roseville Guitar Works


One proud papa!

The Welcome matt was a gift from Lily and I.

The entry

The waiting room(without the TV yet)

The Kitchen

Downstairs restroom

One of the four Lesson rooms
We made it!!!  
On Monday April 5th, 2010
 Roseville Guitar Works opened it's doors at our new location
God is good!!!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Lily's Life!" Happy 6th Birthday Beautiful!!

Lily at her 5th Birthday.  Our beautiful Pixie!

As I reflected back over the last year in Lily's life I have realized that from the age of five to the age of six was a very significant year.  A year of many firsts...

  • First REAL experience with LOSS OF LIFE ...Great Grandma Burgo and her dearest friend Bodega (our doggy)
  • First day of Kindergarten
  • Loss of first tooth
  • First Soccer season
  • First Kings game
  • Learned how to swim independently for the first time
  • First major hair cut
  • First time learning to boogie board
  • First drum lessons
  • Lily learns to read!
  • First experience being a Big Sister
  • First REAL experience with NEW LIFE...Lily prayed to ask Jesus into her heart 7/5/09 

 I figured the easiest way to share these moments is through the photographs we have taken over the last year.

Lily and Daddy at the Kings game

 Lily and her BFF Scottie

Summer fun..building forts with friends

 Lily has many special "little men" in her life.  Mason Harder is one of her favorite friends.

 Lily's favorite "big man."  She is a Daddy's girl through and through...

 Goodbye snarls and morning "drama"

6 inches gone.....

Goofy time with Mommy!

 Lily and Cousins at Great Grandma's funeral

Great Grandma Burgo.  A very special lady.  She will be greatly missed.

 Life is beautiful!!!  One of my favorite pics.

 Lily the fish!

Grumpy Lily...A face we saw way to often this year!

Lily rockin on her first drum kit!

"Animal" Lily!

Boogie boarding in Pismo!

 Loss of first tooth!  Swallowed while eating a brownie:)

Mrs. Devine and Lily receiving her first award!

Lily wants to be a "rock star and a nurse" when she grows up.
So we combined the two for her halloween costume.

 Lily and "Lily" her first "just like me" American Doll.

Looking forward to meeting her baby brother...

At last he arrives!  Zion and Lily at their first meeting.

 An amazing big sissy!

Our beautiful girl...She is such a gift.

Lily turns 6!!!!

Lily is growing into an amazing young lady.  She is the perfect balance between "sugar and spice!" She has the most tender heart and is a care giver by nature.  God has gifted her with a bright mind and she loves school and is doing so well.  Her teacher says she is a leader in the classroom.  Lily has settled into her role as a big sister and is falling in love with her baby brother more and more each day.  We have loved watching this relationship blossom.  
I think the most incredible thing about our daughter is that she really LOVES THE LORD!!  I am so inspired by how real this relationship is for her. God is truly one of her closest friends.   I love to hear her pray and am in awe of the faith that she has that her prayers are being heard.  Her spiritual sensitivity is a beautiful thing to behold and I learn a lot just watching her experience The Lord.  She is truly a gift and we look forward to the "Firsts" this year will have to offer.