Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The "Situation Changer"

     I haven't written a blog in over a year.  I have been looking for something to inspire my writing and something today did the trick.
     Our daughter Lily has always been very strong willed.  Over the last two years, since her brothers arrival, her strong willed personality has ramped up to "super charge."  She literally challenges our every request..."but mom...," "I was just...", "It's not...".  There is rarely a time when we ask her to do something that she does not have some sort of response other than "yes Mom or yes Dad."  If you are a parent and have experienced this yourself you can relate to the exhausting nature of these verbal interactions.  Why doesn't she just do what I asked the very first time with no arguing or complaining?
     This morning I read a particularly inspiring devotional that encouraged me to have no more "Unglued Mamma mornings."  You know those mornings where you are rushed, frazzled and your children seem to be in slow motion.  Those mornings that bring out the very best in you as a parent and person ;)  I am ALL to familiar with those mornings and have been having way to many of them as of late.
      As a mother there is the all too familiar and powerful emotion known as "mother's guilt."  I have also been experiencing more than my share of it lately, in regards to my relationship with my daughter.  I so desire to do right by her.  More often than not I end up defeated having those "what have I done wrong" thoughts overcome my mind.  Today, even after my encouraging devotional and my attempts at not having an "unglued mamma morning", I still left the house frustrated and disappointed in how both my daughter and I handled the morning.
     We joined my sister-in-law and her kids at our local "cement slide park" for a picnic.  We enjoyed a good couple hours that unfortunately ended on a pretty dramatic note.  A young man playing baseball with his brother and friends was struck in the head with a hardball and lost consciousness. We ended up calling 911 and assisting the boy while we waited for the paramedics to arrive.  I do believe he will be ok but with my background in trauma nursing and the divot in his forehead I knew we should "air on the side of caution."
     The young man was taken away and we packed up our stuff and headed for our cars.  As we were walking my daughter said to me, "Mom, as soon as we get in the car I think we should pray for that boy."  "You, are absolutely right, my love", was my response.  And boy, did she.....  We got into that car and my daughter prayed the most beautiful, eloquent and mature prayer I have ever heard come out of her mouth.  It literally took my breath away.
     On the drive home I was overwhelmed by the power of the Grace of God that I have not experienced in a very long time.  As a mother, I may have failed in many areas, but God very clearly showed me in that moment, that one thing I have done right is pray FOR, WITH & AROUND my daughter.  Lily, even at 8 years old, clearly demonstrated that she believes in the power of prayer as something that can change a situation!  I was so proud of her and so humbled all at the same time.
     So will I have more "unglued mamma mornings?"...Absolutely!!!  However I will now remember this day when my daughter taught me to go straight to the SOURCE and directly to the "situation changer", Himself!