Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Lily's Life!" Happy 6th Birthday Beautiful!!

Lily at her 5th Birthday.  Our beautiful Pixie!

As I reflected back over the last year in Lily's life I have realized that from the age of five to the age of six was a very significant year.  A year of many firsts...

  • First REAL experience with LOSS OF LIFE ...Great Grandma Burgo and her dearest friend Bodega (our doggy)
  • First day of Kindergarten
  • Loss of first tooth
  • First Soccer season
  • First Kings game
  • Learned how to swim independently for the first time
  • First major hair cut
  • First time learning to boogie board
  • First drum lessons
  • Lily learns to read!
  • First experience being a Big Sister
  • First REAL experience with NEW LIFE...Lily prayed to ask Jesus into her heart 7/5/09 

 I figured the easiest way to share these moments is through the photographs we have taken over the last year.

Lily and Daddy at the Kings game

 Lily and her BFF Scottie

Summer fun..building forts with friends

 Lily has many special "little men" in her life.  Mason Harder is one of her favorite friends.

 Lily's favorite "big man."  She is a Daddy's girl through and through...

 Goodbye snarls and morning "drama"

6 inches gone.....

Goofy time with Mommy!

 Lily and Cousins at Great Grandma's funeral

Great Grandma Burgo.  A very special lady.  She will be greatly missed.

 Life is beautiful!!!  One of my favorite pics.

 Lily the fish!

Grumpy Lily...A face we saw way to often this year!

Lily rockin on her first drum kit!

"Animal" Lily!

Boogie boarding in Pismo!

 Loss of first tooth!  Swallowed while eating a brownie:)

Mrs. Devine and Lily receiving her first award!

Lily wants to be a "rock star and a nurse" when she grows up.
So we combined the two for her halloween costume.

 Lily and "Lily" her first "just like me" American Doll.

Looking forward to meeting her baby brother...

At last he arrives!  Zion and Lily at their first meeting.

 An amazing big sissy!

Our beautiful girl...She is such a gift.

Lily turns 6!!!!

Lily is growing into an amazing young lady.  She is the perfect balance between "sugar and spice!" She has the most tender heart and is a care giver by nature.  God has gifted her with a bright mind and she loves school and is doing so well.  Her teacher says she is a leader in the classroom.  Lily has settled into her role as a big sister and is falling in love with her baby brother more and more each day.  We have loved watching this relationship blossom.  
I think the most incredible thing about our daughter is that she really LOVES THE LORD!!  I am so inspired by how real this relationship is for her. God is truly one of her closest friends.   I love to hear her pray and am in awe of the faith that she has that her prayers are being heard.  Her spiritual sensitivity is a beautiful thing to behold and I learn a lot just watching her experience The Lord.  She is truly a gift and we look forward to the "Firsts" this year will have to offer.