Monday, May 10, 2010

"No Brainer!!!"

   The very day Jeremy got his shipment of 5000 new brochures for our old location, with our old address of course he signed the lease on the new home of Roseville Guitar Works!!  It was a very quick decision, however, was as the title of this blog states.... "A No Brainer" for sure.  The right time, price and space all came together quite perfectly.
     The month of March was basically a total blur!  We spent countless hours, painting, stripping wall paper, cleaning & redecorating.  As you will see from the pictures even Lily and Zi got in on the action.  The end result is a very cool new space full of endless potential.
     Roseville Guitar Works is now located at 315 Main St. in Old Roseville.  It is the coolest old two story house that has been converted for commercial use. We have gained 1000 more square feet and an additional lesson room. The lesson rooms are huge and our instructors & students seem very happy with them. There is a front porch for the customers and guys to enjoy. One of Lily's highlights to her week is going to visit Daddy and getting to sweep the porch.  Our waiting room has a beautiful new 42" flat screen TV.  Jeremy is excited to host guys nights to watch UFC.  I am thinking it will be a perfect place to have a girls night once in a while as well.  Jeremy has also gained a much larger shop space to accommodate him and his new apprentice!  Yes, you read that apprentice!  Michael Karriker is a graduate from Roberto Venn and has come to learn the luthier trade from Jeremy.  He is such a cool guy and Jeremy is very impressed with him so far. We truly believe God allowed our paths to cross at just the right time.
     It is so very cool to see how God has grown Jeremy's reputation in our community.  We are in first place once again for the KCRA A-List "Best of Sacramento" competition for local businesses. I absolutely love watching him interact with his customers. He is so gifted at what he does and his repair customers, student and parents seem to really appreciate him as well. The shop already had such a neighborhood, family feel and the new location fosters that amazingly.
     So as if we hadn't gotten enough gray hair already...we are going for Roseville Guitar Works Round Two!!!  God has been so faithful and it is amazing to look back over the last 4 years and realize how far He has brought us.  Enjoy the pics and thanks for all your love, prayer and support.  We couldn't do it without you!
I just love painting trim....not!!!!
This will be the only pic you will see of me due to the fact I looked like &*!% the entire time!!

20 trips to Home Depot later...

There weren't a lot of home cooked meals in the month of March!

Zion spent a lot of time hanging out while we got stuff done!

The master painter!

Jeremy's Dad was always there to lend a hand.

Creed our painter and comedy relief!  
Lily helping Daddy paint the walls!



The finished result!!!  So much better!

The shop area, literally one hour before opening!  
We actually were able to get it presentable!!  "A Christmas miracle" for sure!!

Jeremy and Michael setting up the book display

Thank God he didn't break anything in the process!

315 Main St.  The new home of Roseville Guitar Works


One proud papa!

The Welcome matt was a gift from Lily and I.

The entry

The waiting room(without the TV yet)

The Kitchen

Downstairs restroom

One of the four Lesson rooms
We made it!!!  
On Monday April 5th, 2010
 Roseville Guitar Works opened it's doors at our new location
God is good!!!!