Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday to our "Lily Girl!"

Dear Lily Girl,

      Happy 9th Birthday to our beautiful girl!  As always I start these letters out by looking at the photos that we took of you over the last year.  I think we can all agree the transition from age eight to nine has most definitely had it's "highs" and "lows." However, I believe we can also agree that you moved into your ninth year on a definite "high note" with the arrival of your sweet Honey Bear!

     As I put you to bed last night and shared with you the story of the day you were born I was astounded how vividly I remembered those moments.  I honestly remember meeting you and holding you for the first time as if it was yesterday.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed with this new level of love that my heart was experiencing for the very first time.  What I had no clue of, at that time, was that I was only barely touching the surface of the deep well of love that existed in my heart for you.

     This year I discovered another level of that love as I watched you struggle and hurt.  The beginning of that loss of the blissful, oblivion of childhood was very evident over this year. Disappointments at school, rejection, friendship troubles, insecurities about your self image, and even discovering the truth about Santa were all very rough realities that this last year brought with it.

     However, it gave us an opportunity to tap deeper into that "love well" for you.  It gave us the chance to sit with you, hold you and pour out upon you ALL the truth we know about who your God created you to be!

     The reality is my sweet Lily Girl that this life is really rough sometimes.  I wish I could say this year was the end of those disappointments and challenges. However, it is my hearts desire and prayer that you will forever remember WHO you are in Christ Jesus and that in Him we have a hope and a future.  I hope you will always know as well, that when it is difficult to remember or hold on to that truth, that your Daddy and I will be right beside you praying and reminding you of OUR love and HIS love for you!

     Below are some photos over the last year that I believe capture the true essence of who you are my sweet, beautiful and gifted daughter.
                                                                                    All my Love,

An incredible Big Sister that loves her "bubby" very much!

A "Prayer Warrior" you prayed for your Auntie Stace
and God answered your prayers in a mighty way!
So grateful you have her in your life!
A "BFF".  God answered another prayer and brought you a great friend that lives right across the street from us!
"Our little fish!"  I love to watch you swim and play in the water!
You are a natural and your love for  swimming is in your blood!
Fun, energetic and creative!  Your friends love to come play at your house!

"Daddy's Girl"!  You have a special bond with your Daddy!
You are confident and secure in every ounce of his love!
He has done an amazing job at setting an example
 of how a man is to love you someday!
"A lover of animals!"  We are so thrilled we could finally get you your hearts desire!   
A girl with one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met!
You have received the "Caring" award 4 years in a row:)

Generous and loving!  
You baked this cake for your Daddy to congratulate him on the new shop!  
All your idea!
"Our Rock Star in the making"!
I love that you are so self confident you will get up in front of a crowd of strangers
and rock out with your favorite "Rock Stars!"
"A Happy Camper"!  You absolutely LOVE camping!
You are not afraid to get dirty and enjoy every ounce of the experience!
"A Brownie"!  You have enjoyed joining Brownies this year!
"A bit crazy with a great sense of humor!"
You love to laugh and enjoy life
and don't take yourself to seriously most of the time!
"Helpful"! You loved helping Grammy decorate her tree!
"Our nature lover!"
You still love to explore and find "treasures".
  You have done this since your were just a little girl!

"Lover of books"!  I love to see you read and
hear you tell, in great detail about the stories you have read!

I hope you never stop wanting me to sing to you
 my sweet "Popsicle Toes!"

Happy 9th Birthday
"Popsicle Toes"
I love your popsicle toes, your sweet little nose,
your eyes that shine bright as the sky!

I love your popsicle toes, I even love your elbows,
love your belly belly belly button too!

I love your arms and your legs,
your Father made no mistakes,
You're perfect in every way!

And I just can't get enough of that sweet little touch,
 it chases all my blues away....