Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 1 month Birthday son!

     It's so hard to believe Zion is one month old today.  Time has so flown by.  Lily is currently planning a "Celebration" for tonight, complete with a cake from her Easy Bake Oven.  She has embraced sisterhood with gusto.  She loves to hold him and has made up several songs about him. She told me last week that she "can't get enough of him!"  I would have to agree with her. It is so beautiful to see them together.  Zi calms at the sound of her voice and just loves to stare at her.

We have had some adjustment "issues" as Lily is no longer "The Queen of the Castle." All in all she has welcomed "The New King" with open arms.  She is quite a helper except when it comes to changing diapers in which she informs us "I don't do dirty diapers!"
     We are finding what works one day and then finding something that works even better the next day.  But we seem to be finding a rhythm.  Zion is a bit more "high maintenance" than Lily was.  He tends to require more holding and absolutely loathes his car seat.  The minute you sit him in it the screaming begins and continues generally until you reach your desired destination and free him.  We are learning to cope by cranking the Taylor Swift and singing to the top of our lungs.

  One of Zi's favorite places to be is in a nice warm bath.  Lily loves to help and it has been a great bargaining tool to get her to do her homework.

     He is also quite content laying on Jeremy's chest during their nightly "man time" which gives me an opportunity to catch some much needed ZZZ's of my own.
     Overall, despite the sleep depravation life couldn't be sweeter.  One of my favorite moments reflecting back on this last month was all four of us cuddled in bed for our weekly "movie night." It was such a simple moment yet the contentment I felt was amazing.  One month down and many more to share.  I look forward to keeping you posted on our future adventures.

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