Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Whatever works!"

     Round two is already a bit different than the whole first experience with parenting.  I find myself doing many things I swore I'd never do with Lily.  The first being "baby wearing"or what I like to call "The Crack Sack!"  I refer to this amazing apparatice by this name because within thirty seconds or so of putting Z in it he is nodding off into a blissful altered state of consciousness, hence the name "The Crack Sack!"  This is great for him and even better for me the "multitasking mama" that I am.  As you can see in the photo below, (taken by Lily) having two free hands makes the simplest to most complex tasks a total breeze!  On days when I am sure I am not going to leave the house with my "barn painted,"(make up on) as my mom calls it, I just plop him in the "crack sack" and we are in business.  As you can see even the loud blow dryer doesn't even phase him.

     The "Crack Sack"  is also known as the "Geriatric magnet!"  There is not a Grandma in Walmart that doesn't stop me to take a peek.  Even when I try and hide him they just can't seem to help themselves. It's actually quite sweet and I never mind taking a little extra time to share my "little nugget of love,"(one of my goofy little "pet names":))

     Speaking of "pet names" allow me to introduce you to "Our Little Chimichanga!" .....

I love me some "Swaddle blanket!!!!" (AKA Zi's "snuggie") This little cozy gift from God has turned Z's exasperating, five minute power naps into anywhere from one to three hour "Beauty rests!"  And this is no "old school" receiving blanket swaddle....this is high tech, complete with velcro.   I joked with Jeremy that he needed to go back to "Swaddle 101" when I found Z "free" in the middle of the night after daddy had done the last "wrapping!"

     Anyhow, as the title of this blog states.."Whatever works" has become my new motto.  If I get some sleep out of it, a meal with my family, some errands laundry and housework done I am ALL FOR IT!!!

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Stacey Glick said...

Amen sister sue...whatever works to get you through the day! what a sweet little morsal. congrats. hope you are doing well! just remember that things get much easier after the 3 month mark. take care!