Monday, December 10, 2012

I wish you had met them.

Dear Daddy,

     As I sit here reflecting on this day, ten years since your passing.  I am a range of emotion. Being at the Lake yesterday stirred up some pretty amazing and precious memories for me.  I will never take for granted that I was blessed with the opportunity to come along at a much different, more tolerant, patient and somewhat tenderized season of your Fatherhood.  Although, it is a very long time since I have baited a hook or cast a line, I will cherish forever the memories of spending this time with you.
    As I watched my two beautiful children play along the shore yesterday I realized that although being the "baby" of the family had so many advantages, it came with one significant disadvantage.  You never had the chance to meet two of the most incredible people I have ever Lily and Zion.  I can't help but see how you would fall madly and deeply in love with these two.  I think you would see a whole lot of me in our Lily girl.  I guarantee she would be right there with you in that boat baiting your hook with night crawlers.  Our girl is not afraid to get a little worm guts on her.  She has the most tender and loving soul. Her heart and compassion for others is something I know you would admire.  I also know you would appreciate her bright mind and would love to hear of the many exciting and interesting facts she is always sharing.  Being someone who appreciated a good laugh, I know you would enjoy her vast array of "knock knock" jokes!
    Zion would be your gardening buddy.  I can just visualize him following you around the backyard watering just like the other Grandkids used to. He would also be the one hanging out in the garage with you. You would love to watch him Dad!  He loves to "tinker" just like you did. He will spend huge chunks of time working on projects at his workbench.  He bends and balances things until they are just so and them steps back with his hands on his hips and inspects them to make sure they are just right.  You would so appreciate his attention to detail.  He even throws mini fits just like you would when things don't go just right.  I'm am however grateful your talent and gift for expletives don't accompany his tantrums:)
     I am also very sad you didn't have more of a chance to get to know my Jeremy.  I know that in the time God gave you both you developed a quick and special bond.  I think you would be so proud of what he has accomplished.  I know he deeply loved and respected you and I am very grateful you were able to know him for the brief time you did.  You would especially appreciate the fact that he is most comfortable wearing your much beloved "Bibs" and they are a regular part of his wardrobe now.
      I have no idea how things work up there in Heaven.  Maybe you do know all these things and that would be pretty cool.  I can honestly say as we were leaving the Lake yesterday and I looked up in the sky and saw that Hawk circling above us, it definitely made me wonder.  Regardless of how it works here on earth I take such comfort in knowing that we will all be reunited with you someday in the presence of our Lord and oh what a celebration that will be.
                                                                                    All My Love,

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